Friday, December 29, 2006

Official Last Working Day in 2006

read: Fri 29th December 2006, 5:20pm

2006 milestones

A year has again passed in a blink. 2006 has been a wonderful year for me. Lots of first time experiences, and that special lifetime experience :)

Falling in love and getting married was certainly not in my 2006 resolutions! Lots of friends find it hard to believe when i decided to tie the knot in June. They asked "how could u 'say yes' to this guy u know only for 3 months?". They asked if he'd proposed in a way that a girl would hardly reject? haa..
Meeting friends that can click is tough, meeting the right life partner is even tougher.
So i simply replied, "Yes, when you are ready, YOU ARE READY!"

Strike 4D was awesome!!! esp when it's the number that i picked on my birthday!! ;)
i wish i have bought more! :P and now i hope there's more chances to strike!!

Getting involved in class 1 office political was one hell of experience too! From the backstabbing til the critical of getting sacked.. haha (i still feel so proud about it) i manage to fight back and get the 'power hungry' guy sacked in the end!
Oh yeah, it feels good! :)

Staying in 5-star resort in bintan; Winning some cash in genting; getting busy with wedding preparation; staying under one roof with the in-laws; learning to be a better person; and settling down in 'dream' company! These conclude in a great year of 2006.

Though there's hardly any more party, latenights, shopping, weekend girls' outting; I'm content with life now.
My advise is live life just the way it is. You don't have to set too many resolutions. Don't have to do a list of planning!
I believe everything happens for a reason. Live it! :)

time: 6:03 (oh geez... this took me 40 mins to write!!!!)
im such a bad writer..

Thursday, December 28, 2006

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welcome to :PRIMAdaily:
...cracking my head for 6 secs... i'm already thinking of what to write next in my first post!

after visiting Sri's blog for couple of times, i decide to establish one for myself too.
i guess this will be my ranting place from now on :)

argh.. i guess that's all for now.
nobody will care to read this too!
it might take me another few months to invite my friends to visit this place.
So, be my VIP guest Sri! ;)