Friday, December 29, 2006

Official Last Working Day in 2006

read: Fri 29th December 2006, 5:20pm

2006 milestones

A year has again passed in a blink. 2006 has been a wonderful year for me. Lots of first time experiences, and that special lifetime experience :)

Falling in love and getting married was certainly not in my 2006 resolutions! Lots of friends find it hard to believe when i decided to tie the knot in June. They asked "how could u 'say yes' to this guy u know only for 3 months?". They asked if he'd proposed in a way that a girl would hardly reject? haa..
Meeting friends that can click is tough, meeting the right life partner is even tougher.
So i simply replied, "Yes, when you are ready, YOU ARE READY!"

Strike 4D was awesome!!! esp when it's the number that i picked on my birthday!! ;)
i wish i have bought more! :P and now i hope there's more chances to strike!!

Getting involved in class 1 office political was one hell of experience too! From the backstabbing til the critical of getting sacked.. haha (i still feel so proud about it) i manage to fight back and get the 'power hungry' guy sacked in the end!
Oh yeah, it feels good! :)

Staying in 5-star resort in bintan; Winning some cash in genting; getting busy with wedding preparation; staying under one roof with the in-laws; learning to be a better person; and settling down in 'dream' company! These conclude in a great year of 2006.

Though there's hardly any more party, latenights, shopping, weekend girls' outting; I'm content with life now.
My advise is live life just the way it is. You don't have to set too many resolutions. Don't have to do a list of planning!
I believe everything happens for a reason. Live it! :)

time: 6:03 (oh geez... this took me 40 mins to write!!!!)
im such a bad writer..


Anonymous said...

Oi i thought you online :p
I Had lots of fun last night !!

himawari said...

i proposed to my husband after 2 months of courtship. He proposed back the following month and we were married within 10 months.

Prima said...

That's sweet! I find we have more things in common now.. haha.. shall meet up soon :D