Thursday, September 17, 2015


A: “老婆,明天有早餐吃吗?”
D: *想念做面包*  “嗯,我做面包好吗?”
A: “做什么面包?”
D: “Loaf 🍞 咯,比较快!”
A: *一副可怜样* “那么,你会帮我涂东西吗?”
D: *看时钟* “再看吧。。No Promise ok?”
A: “OK, 谢谢老婆!”

结果就从原本的 Wheat Germ Loaf 揉着揉着,决定做 Tuna Buns,还一边研究一边形成 ❤️爱心Tuna面包❤️ 了, 呵呵呵。


Monday, August 10, 2015


奕健: “妈妈,这里有没有卖那个像枕头的包?”

隔壁桌的顾客:“哈哈,小姐,你孩子很可爱。他指的是 '扣肉包'。”


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

엄마, 괜찮아?


My mobile rang in the late afternoon while at work.

C: "Mama, are you ok?"

Me: "Yes, why did u ask so?"

C: "Oh, that's because you didn't reply my LINE message."

Me: "Sorry, I thought the message was before the call we had earlier. So since we have talked, I thought.. I... I... I'm so sorry!"

C: "It's Ok. As long as you're fine."

Me: "Thank you for checking and caring, baby. I love you!!"

글로이, 사랑해요!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Biggest Number In The World

Me: "Baby, do you know how much I love you?"

Chloe: "More than 1 million?"

Me: "So so so much more..."

Chloe: "I know! It's more than the biggest number in the world!"

Yes, very well said, my baby girl!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Handsome Boy

Standing outside QB house, Bosco was playing with my phone while I was watching pass the glass door intensely towards the hairstyler — who was trimming Chloe's hair.

While falling into complete awe watching Chloe's short neat hair, there was a young boy who walked out of the salon shyly to his mum. His mum, just like every other mum, gave a 'wow!' remarks checking out his son's new haircut too. 

In the next second, his mum said, "Let's go, handsome boy!"

There, Bosco was distracted from the game he was playing and asked me, "Who's calling out to me, huh?"

Exact words blurted out in Chinese was, “啊,谁在叫我啊?”

Coupled with his innocent look, I burst out a loud laughter. That's a really nice one, son!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bosco's 4th Birthday | 18.08.2013

A long overdue post. I have been ignoring this blog for too long, I really feel the guilt!

So today I try meddling the photos with the photo apps available from the phone, and really hope that these would turn out alright!

A little snippets back to Bosco's 4th Birthday — a little celebration at school 2 days earlier, and cake cutting at home on his actual birthday.

We had a family lunch with his grandparents + aunts + cousin too but no pictures on that. Note to self: just snap some pictures, we could decide later if they are presentable enough ;)

So, here we go :)

Bosco had sudden crush with the Transformers this year, that explained for the choice of cakes.

Chloe Jie Jie helped to warm him up more.

Those priceless moments :)

Posing with his classmates with Chloe accompanying.

Happy with his matching Transformers tee Papa got from USS, even sobbed when asked to take it off for shower later in the evening.

Then a happy soul again after checking the Bumblebee cake out!

The togetherness we shared :)

May you continue to be showered with love, health and happiness in your growing up journey, Bosco! 

Love always, 
from Papa, Mama and Jie Jie!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

当我们在一起 | June 2013

This set was taken when the family members came visiting from Medan during June school holiday. To have the cousins played with, the kids truly enjoyed themselves. Though we had crazy haze during that period, luckily it went away upon our checking-in to MBS. For photos at MBS, do click here.

Other than that, these are my favourite takes...

Outside the queue of Ichiban Sushi, Jem, Jurong Point

Hazy MBS taken at Merlion Park

That candid look!

"Mama, I want you!"


Bang! Bang!


The finale: group photo!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Clown

How this conversation took place, after completing make-up in the car, otw to an outing.

Me: "Chloe, how do I look?"

Chloe: "Hm.. O...k..."

Me think: "of cos la" and *roll eyes*

Chloe: ".. but, Mama, I think your lip colour is too red!"

Me busy checking out myself on the mirror again.

Chloe: "That will make you look like a clown leh!"

Me: *o.m.g... A Clown!! and quickly dabbing the lipstick away*

Chloe: "Now, you look beautiful!!"

Me: *relief with huge abish*