Thursday, June 14, 2007

Closing down of Yahoo! Photos

For those of you that are not aware yet, Yahoo! Photos is closing down for good, on September 20, 2007 (That's another 99 days from now)

As a user since college days, i have quite a number of private photo collection uploaded there. Now that i have to move those pics to another home. Yahoo! claims that they'll ease the moving if i'm to transfer them to Flickr as it's also the creation of Yahoo! Well i haven't tried it just yet. Maybe i should create another new account so that i won't mix my general shots with these private photos :)

For more info about the closing down, read here

Happy moving aye!

End note: Indeed it's an easy process of moving from Yahoo! Photos to Flickr. All i did was to confirm a few account names, a few clicks. The rest will be taken care of. And i'll receive an email to notify the completion of the moving. How cool is that :) Oh i love Flickr!

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