Sunday, August 19, 2007

I bumped into Michelle Chia!!

Very rare chance that hubby and I would go down Orchard to shop. We went down to Ngee Ann City (Taka) today to visit its Baby fair.

First stop after reaching was, of course, going to the loo (mind the pregnant lady!)

Second stop was buying some finger food at its market (for the cravings!)

That's when I bumped into Michelle Chia, spotted queuing behind me buying for the same kueh kueh :) I was so excited to see her 'live' in front of me! I think she's the first female local artiste that I admired since I came Singapore. Probably would be the only one that I'd go up to for taking a shot together.. haha

I regretted I didn't leave the house with some make up today.. and also my contact lens! Argh...

As for the baby fair, we checked out a couple of baby stuff but purchased nothing in the end due to its crazy long queu.. Might go again one of this weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Well at least our trip to town resulted in something :)


Anonymous said...

Wow cool... she so skinny and prettier in person

Prima said...

yeah lor! she's so down-to-earth ler.. think she was shopping along with 2 filipinos!! such a babe :)

Mulan said...

OMG!!! She is very pretty leh.. I like her also.