Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another year has passed!

Didn't want to fill the title with OBVIOUS sentence like 'Happy Birthday to myself!', or 'I'm 26!!!!' Geez.. Time really flies! I'm indeed getting old.. Phew...

I notice as I get older, I don't care much for birthday celebration anymore. This is so far the simplest birthday ever. The most forgettable one. Priorities and perceptions towards life have changed so much. My life now revolves around Chloe, Chloe and Chloe only. Am I being too ignorant towards myself, or that's just the way it is?

I even had my birthday song sung, cake cut 3 days before. I told hubby, "I don't want to fall into V-day trap. Traffic is bad. Queue is everywhere. Everything is expensive. Hence we celebrated early.

There were no candles either! No, not that I hate to be reminded on my age, we just couldn't find any lighter or matches at home. Ha! No presents. The new house is the big present. (How easily contented I am..) There were much love and warmth while hubby singing the birthday song, with Chloe in my arm..

Check out Chloe drooling over my cake!

As for this morning when we were on our way to MIL's place, she split out some milk to my shirt. That's must be her little present for me.

So much for love!

Anyway, happy birthday to me (whispering very softly...)

Little update: Another birthday cake cut during the weekend. Thanks to Cheryl and Amelia for the surprise!


wiwimu said...

Happy Birthday. Sad that i missed it :(.

But happy birthday!

Prima said...

Thank u darling! :)

eunice said...

Happy Birthday, Dewi!

Prima said...

Thanks!! "_"