Thursday, February 28, 2008

I miss...

• going to the cinema for movies, plus the popcorn
• relaxing coffee session at the Starbucks
• savouring each bite of sinful cheese cake
• shopping with the girls
• my old jeans
• my monthly FACIAL

The things i miss list could go on and on, yet I still love every moment in my life now, except for work.

Love the moments when I:
• feed and burp Chloe
• play and take pics with her
• change, clean up and bath her
• sway and settle her to sleep
• find new ways to amuse her
• see new milestones she makes

Being a mother changes so many things in life. Priorities, schedules, concerns, almost everything...

I love changes, they are inevitable and the most constant thing in life.

What comes next? Can't wait for it!

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