Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Waving Goodbye To The Year of Pig

I'm unwilling to let the year end just yet.

Call me an old-fashioned, but I am a believer to the traditions that we can't owe anything to the others. As well as leave anything unsettled or undone to the coming year.

Less than 36 hours to the year of rat (lunar calendar), I have a few MUST do lists in the year of PIG:
- Back up all photos files
- Check (and hoping to strike) 4D and Toto results
- Pay credit cards bills
- Send letters out
- Clean up the whole house, change bedsheets, do more laundry if time permits
- Prepare red packets T_T

So much to do, so little time.. And I'm still caught up racing my pet at (fluff) friends. Ouch!

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