Thursday, March 20, 2008

3rd dose of 5-in-1 vaccination

I'm on leave today to bring Chloe for her 3rd dose 5-in-1 jab. Dear baby is now weighing 7.5 kg. Head circumference at 43.1 cm.

Darn nurse didn't wanna measure her length, said they don't measure at the 5th month?! I guess this is one of the setbacks if you let your baby to have vaccinations in the polyclinic. Nobody is ever going to tell you which percentile your baby is in. Not everytime you are required to see the doctor before jabs.. (only 2 times so far out of 4 jabs at the polyclinic) Even if u did, the doc will only spend 5 mins max to check on baby.. Not a single word mentioned if you didn't ask any.

I think they are simply inexperienced. I still remember I once asked the lady doctor on Chloe's hernia matter, and she just said, "it's OK one..." Where as the private PD i consulted after which gave me detailed explanation on the matter.

Haiz.. If given an option, I'd certainly go for private clinics for baby's vaccinations.

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