Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Expensive Lesson - poor service from st. louis

Remember the poor service from st. louis furniture shop?

It was FINALLY all solved yesterday nite.

Hubby and I filed a complaint to the Small Claim Tribunal last 2 weeks. We talked to CASE beforehand and then realized SCT would be a better and firmer channel to proceed. We had our consultation session with a representative and a registrar from st. louis at the Subordinate court on tuesday.

I must say the registrar didn't side on my complaint much. He had to be fair to both parties. He didn't bother much to listen to my stories but only noting down the timelines of purchase and delivery procedures.

Final outcome we settled for was to accept refund (decided by the registrar) and return st. louis the damn sofa. How much is the refund, you must be wondering. A total $600 less than the original purchase. Damn that was a lot of deduction i thought! Loss on me!

But after giving it a deep thought. I think that refund is a better solution than to accept a replacement sofa from them, which:
  • who knows what are gonna happen again in the next delivery;
  • who knows which insane staff or boss we're facing in the future; and
  • what kind of warranty service i'd be getting should the recline mechanism break down?
Enough of nonsense from them.

I couldn't help but think that it's not the first time st. louis faces such complaint. The representative that attended the consultation:
  • came with a bermuda and slippers (One of the rules set in the letter is to come in formal clothing!)
  • went into the chamber for consultation without the need of showing IC (The guard checked on my IC and compared the photograph with my current look!)
Well, well, last but not least, make sure you think twice before making a purchase at St. Louis Pte Ltd at The Furniture Mall, The Plaza. Who knows what services awaiting you, and oh, you might just get the sofa set i returned them. The delivery guy had the 2-seater fully wrapped with protection at every corner last nite before they left my house! High chance they'd just deliver it to another 'victim' for next order.

We wanted to have a good comfy sofa, but in return we had headache plus $600 less in our pocket. Haiz...

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