Friday, March 14, 2008

Interacting With Our World

IWOW: Social Studies publication that is..
This was the main project that I was in charge of last year at work. Total 4 coursebooks and 4 activity books for the series.

It was rather a meaningful project to me as these were all done when I had Chloe. Yup i was even rushing this project when the contraction kicked in the morning. The initial deadline was the exact expected delivery date for Chloe too, 25th Oct. I guess Chloe knew Mama had enough of it and tried to ease my stress by coming out early at 16th Oct.

Tight deadlines and complicated approval issues were the main challenges during the project. Though i complained and ranted a lot about the project, quite an irony that i actually miss it right now. Teammates joked that this series is my baby too.

Oh, not to mention I had a great time working with the teammates. Too bad some had quit and some had transferred.. You know who you are, I miss you guys..

Below sharing a few screenshots from the package...

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