Monday, April 28, 2008

Growth and Sizes

"Wow! Your baby is big!"

That's the comment i often receive after i reveal Chloe's weight. I have to admit it's really taxing to carry her now. My sore muscles, aching waist and back.. Ouch!

I think she takes in our genes well. I wouldn't think i overfeed her. This is her routine feeding when she's with me during weekends:

  • 8/9am - 180ml milk
  • 11/12pm - 2 FM scoop cereal + 2 frozen puree cubes (my cubes are smaller, will post later)
  • 3/4pm - 180ml milk
  • 6/7pm - 2 FM scoop cereal + 2 frozen puree cubes
  • 8/9pm (before bed) - 180ml milk, sometimes she fell asleep before finishing it
  • midnite feed - 180ml milk
Do you think i overfeed her?

By the way, above was Chloe's feet (right) compared to Valencia's (left). Chloe is 1 day older than Valencia.


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