Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love warehouse sales!

It's fun grabbing (sales-item-shopping) today during lunch hour. Skipped the lunch to visit these 2 warehouse sales.

First stop, FOX warehouse sale. Lots of stuff there but it was so crowded. It's literally grabbing at every corner. The queue was too long, luckily met Eunice and tumpang her queue hehe. Purchased a sweater, a fleece blanket and a 2-pc clothes for Chloe. It wasn't that cheap, but it's considered good buy. I was more delighted to catch up with Eunice and Carol, and of course to see baby ziqian :)

Damage cost: $20

Second stop, ELLE, Guy Laroche etc warehouse sale right here at ulu Upp Paya Lebar. I thought it wasn't worth visiting. But after seeing what my colleagues purchased, i decided to sneak out at 2pm. Ended up spent more here on 1 leather handbag and 1 short-sleeved shirt for the husband.

Damage cost: $55

Nice, everyone got something tonight! :)

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