Thursday, April 3, 2008

Once Upon A Time...

There was this female employee at a new working place. She looked forward to going to the office. She loved the fact that she's part of the big organization.

Things have changed so much now.. Apparently, it's not the kinda change which she anticipates.

I feel very tired recently.

Work requires more commitment after team shuffling. New bosses, new structure, new system, new tasks and new politics too. Sigh..


Dear Chloe has become more demanding too. She wants to be carried more often. She doesn't like to be left alone at all. The moment I start to walk away, that's when she starts wailing for attention. The basic idea is she doesn't like to lie flat on the mattress. She wants a sitting upright position to see the surrounding.

Other scenario is her flipping and savouring her toys or her fist/fingers. But she would wail again after realizing she doesn't know how to flip back :P

Last scenario is she plays a lot with her pacifier, and would pull in and out to her preference. Especially when she's falling asleep, then she would cry and look at me as if, "Why did you have to pull out my pacifier Mum?" Duh...

She is still not sleepin thru the night. There was once she even woke up twice in the nite for milk!

I just wish to have more time for everything..
From being a moo-moo cow at nite, a part-time cleaner in the house, a game player at work,

I need a booster!!

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