Monday, May 26, 2008

Chloe is BACK!!

"Hi everyone! Happy to inform that i have recovered today! Let me give you the warmest smile that you've been missing!"

"Yeah my Mama is sad to see i've lost some weight..., but hey, now this is slim :)"

"I still cry louder than before, I'll try to be a good girl okay.. I've kept my Mama very busy today at home with my new 'crawling backward' skills. I love it. These were some shots my Mama took to show you. Actually there were more, but mostly Mama was too panicked and picked me up before she could reach for the camera."

"Anyway, Mama told me she has looked like zombie after taking care and soothing me when ill. I promise to stay strong now. By the way, how does zombie look like? Does it somehow resemble my Mama here??"

1 comment:

himawari said...

wohoo great, now you and val can play water together!!!