Sunday, May 25, 2008

Down with fever

We discovered Chloe's fever on Saturday morning 4am. These were the 2 most difficult days for me after i have her.

I should have paid more attention when MIL told me Chloe rejected milk and water on friday. No wonder she looked worn out when i picked her up that night. She got to sleep at 8pm sharp, straight after i changed her. There wasn't any need to pat, soothe, rest alone rock. I'm feeling lousy, I should have done better.

Brought her to the GP down my block as early as it opened. Turned out that Chloe had throat inflammation, causing her the fever. The fuss and wail she made; the tears flowing down her cheek. It tore my heart.

Good thing her fever has subsided this morning. Though still rejecting milk and sometimes porridge, she's in better mood to play and engage with me. I hope she would be 100% back to her cheekines tomorrow morning!

An interesting note to share, as i called my mum to tell her about Chloe this evening. She somehow rendered it to an old saying, that babies below 1-yr-old fall sick as signs that they're learning new stuff, getting to the next milestone. I don't know how true it is, but Chloe started to crawl backward today...

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