Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gold Class

Since my mum is in town (and kind enough to help taking care of Chloe), hubby and I sneaked out of the house last nite for midnight movie. It's been months since we last watched movie in a cinema! About 5 months if I'm not wrong.

As this pat-toh opportunity doesn't come by often, we thought we might as well made it the greatest one. So, vivocity GV Gold Class off we went. I must say the money was definitely worth it. The posh waiting area, the reclinable cushiony seat prepared with a blanket, the extra space and privacy. I could have dozed off if it wasn't for the action-packed Iron Man.

Best friday nite spent after the arrival of Chloe! Ha!

PS. the movie is a great one really! Go catch it if you have not done so!

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