Thursday, May 22, 2008

KL - Day 1 Summary

The journey started at 5.30 am in the morning where we picked up Mulan and bf from Admiralty. Straight we headed to Causeway checkpoint.... And OMG the queue was long and not moving at all for the 5 mins we were there. Luckily we decided to move on to Tuas (2nd link) at that point of time too. Though it was also heavy traffic and long queue, at least it was moving pretty ok.

And we were finally out of Singapore, into Malaysia at 7am.

Chloe enjoying herself in the ride. Guess she loves the greeneries view. She was pretty guai along the way.

We reached Petaling Jaya about 10am. But only able to reach Hallan's house at Damansara at about 11am. It was drizzling and heavy traffic too at PJ. We even passed by Kelana Jaya, where i stayed during my study in 1999. (Wah, 9 years already?? No wonder i couldn't point out which condo it was at the first glance! Ha!!)

We made a stop at Hallan's place for Chloe has pooed and getting uncomfy in her sleep suit! Then moving on to have brunch at the yummiest nasi lemak restaurant. I think it was called Village Park Restaurant at Uptown if i remember correctly. I was too busy with the food. No time for pictures, sorry folks!

This was Hallan helping to carry Chloe while were busy with our nasi lemak.

Group shots after the heavy nasi lemak. Chloe and I, Mulan and boyfriend.

Family shot at Uptown, PJ.

Moving on to check in at our hotel, Royale Bintang Damansara. A decent 4-star hotel with good location, right at The Curve. And 3 more nearby.

Room was decent enough for the 3 of us. Good thing they provided us with baby cot. But they didn't have a baby tub though, and its basin wasn't big. So bathing Chloe was quite a challenge. I didn't bathe her the 2nd day til we reached home! hehe

Thereafter, shopping time, crusing and exploring around the vicinity.

Then met up with Hallan and her girls, Lindsey and Macy.

And the rest of the day was spent visiting 1 Utama, had my hair cut, had a not-so-satisfying dinner. More jalan-jalan, and more photos be uploaded, hopefully tonight! My lunch time is over now.. :(

Later, ciao!

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