Saturday, May 24, 2008

KL - Day 2 Summary

After a good night's sleep, we started the day by having our breakfast in the hotel. Sad to say that the breakfast wasn't anything fantastic. The best grab would be their croissant. That's it. Even the coffee wasn't as good as what i can made! Hiaks!

Then we said goodbye to Mulan as they continued to stay one more nite in KL.

Chloe saying bye bye to Mulan :)

Chloe and Papa watching soccer from the 32" LCD TV in the hotel room while i was packing to go home. We didn't manage to bring Chloe to the pool in the end. ah.. lazy parents. Next trip perhaps...

After checked out from the hotel, we went over to Hallan's to say goodbye to her. Just another excuse to see her and her dearest again, hee... I wish we could stay longer really..

Then hubby requested to have the power nasi lemak again at Uptown. He's hooked!

Lastly, Hallan guiding hubby on how to get to the expressway.

Babe, this trip won't be as smooth as it was if not for your help. Thanks a bunch! Would love to catch up again. Muacks!

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