Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oct Babies Meet Up on Vesak Day

This was the Oct 07 babies gala gathering taken place at Hard Rock Cafe, 19.05.2008 :)

A family portrait to kick start the photo session,
but Chloe was too engrossed with the table cloth! :(

Chloe and Mama!

Chloe and Emily

Babies Sean, Chloe, Ziqian and Adrienne.
Now everybody were engrossed with the table cloth!

But it seems Chloe had her longest share.... What's so nice about it baby?

Baby Lleyton came into the picture..

"Chloe please sit down just like others..."

"Now that's good girl.."
Oh, Aralyn approaching too..

Chloe touching two potential boyfriends' legs.

And asked everyone to look at the patterns of the cloth, again....

Yeah, a close up with Lleyton

But Lleyton was into his own fist, his own world, sorry Chloe...

More babies joined in the fun, there were Kelly and Jae
Chloe insisted to stand up again..

"Ok lah, you win lah.."

More and more babies, Aralyn came back to join the gang.
There was Anders too at the front.

But Chloe remained the tallest! Hiaks!

Chloe smiling at the camera.. :)

Keep on smiling for Papa who was busy behind the camera...

Exhausted liao,.. then we headed home....

*All thanks to Jessie for bringing everyone together :)

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Emily said...

chloe looks ever so cheeky!! cute baby!!