Thursday, June 5, 2008


This post was supposed to have lotsa pics and all romantika! Sadly, Chloe didn't cooperate well on Sunday, 01.06.2008.

We were supposed to enjoy our alfresco dining at Sunset Grill & Pub at Seletar airbase. (yes.. that's the one we always recommend and vote as the best thing about stayin; in Yishun!) In fact, we were already on our half way there.. I had to ask hubby to make u-turn home in the end.

Chloe was crying/shouting/screaming non-stop the moment hubby started the engine. Strangely she was okay before we left the house. Maybe she had some kind of 'rotting at home' mode that nite! -__-

Judging from that, i knew we wouldn't enjoy the dinner at all. Holding and soothing her down in the car was already such a challenge!!

See, i even got proof... This was after we came home and i was gettin' ready to change her.

Actually she was too sleepy cos lacking of sleep in the day. But, still... i never saw her cried so badly just because of wanting to sleep. So i had to think otherwise, maybe she was helping us to save some $$ on dinner! *__*


Just nice SIL brought us lotsa italian pre-cooked food on that day too. So we settled our romantika dinner at home, making pizza and heating lasagna. It turned out pretty well! Just that we had to use extra bit of imagination to change the view of the HDB building from my dining area, hee.

Below is hubby after opening a bottle of wine.
I staged him to pose in front of our wedding pic, to serve the purpose of anniversary! :)

Then we holding a pizza, with the same background. Kinda lame heh? hehe

The potato couch, lazing and stoning in front of the TV after dinner!


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