Friday, June 20, 2008

Corcovado and 3 glasses of Wine

It's been some time since we last enjoyed a wedding dinner. I attended M&L's yesterday at The Regent. Not for the food, but for the settings, the friendly services and the live jazz performance and the special videos!

I thought photo montage was the IN thing for wedding presentations. I was so wrong, the IN thing now is short movie clips acted by the couple themselves. We had good laugh watching the couple's acting skills hehe.

By the way, I googled the photos & videos services the couple engaged. It's Focus Point Image. Pretty good videos they made, I liked how the morning photos and videos was combined and presented.

Lastly, some photos:


Daddy & Mummy said...

Regent!! That's where I held mine too.. :) With jazz and all.. I think my video montage was done by Jimmy too.. some tie up with Regent. Sweet memories after reading your blog!!

Prima said...

Wow... i see that now!

yeah i think pretty nice work done by jimmy.. perhaps next time u can show me ur video ;)