Thursday, June 26, 2008

Corny No More

2 days MC allow me to have the privilege of an SAHM. It is certainly not an easy task. Salute to all the SAHM out there!

Apart from recuperating from my blocked nose, sore throat and cough... I am at the same time:
  • taking care of Chloe (bathing, rocking, feeding, playing, soothing, talking, singing, dancing!)
  • doing the laundry
  • sweeping and mopping the floor
  • going to the IL's for meals (that's to and fro with Chloe in my bjorn)
  • blogging
  • chatting
  • and exploring new food for Chloe

On menu these 2 days are corn! Mummies in forum shared that their babies love their corn, so i thought i should try preparing it for Chloe too.... I bought 2 packs of 2 corns from the market. 1 for her, 1 for me for 2 days :)

Day 1
After steaming the corn, i enthusiastically tried to sieve it... for 5 mins. I gave up.. boy it was so difficult to sieve.

Nothing came out, so i surrendered to the blender. I thought since i would feed it together with her porridge, i might as well blend everything in.

Smooth-blended corn, carrot, spinach porridge...

Wrong! I forgot about the layer of skin from the corn! Poor Chloe had difficulties in swallowing the 'smooth' porridge.... !!

Bad mummy...

Day 2
I thought i was smarter this round, I blended ONLY the corn first. But it didn't come out smoothly either... Feeling a bit disappointed, i had to trust my muscles again to try sieving the blended-corn. Did it sound too complex?

See the results of one sieved, blended-corn... (open your eyes for the yellow tone!)

That's it! No more corn! I give up... -__-
Let's stick to apple, pear, plum, avocado, papaya, brocolli, etc etc.. Anything but corn!

Long days without hubby around... I'm missing him already...

Oh, now i remember i haven't eaten my steamed corn....

Good nite!

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