Friday, June 27, 2008

Emotionally Right

These 2 weeks, Chloe has emotionally developed a lot. She:
  • prefers a few family members than the rest (that's me first, hubby second)
  • occasionally choose to be carried by others who look prepped and ready to go out gai gai
  • bounces happily when we bring her to the main door
  • screams when we walk back in to the house
  • crawls to me and tries to get every attention she can when she wakes up
  • smiles and greets me when i open my eyes
  • makes a lot of 'Eh', 'Oh', 'Uh' and babbling sounds if i go back to sleep
  • recognizes Barney and the famous 'I Love You' song
  • responds a lot to us
  • sits quietly when i ask her to wait
  • makes some sound once she's waited too long
  • smiles, laughs, giggles louder when happy
  • screams, wails, cries louder too when upset
Overall, she's sweeter and we're happier.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Are you really sure you are first and your hubby second?