Sunday, June 8, 2008

Potato Salad

It was my first attempt in making salad on Saturday. I flipped thru the cookbooks i bought from the office the other day, and decided to (try the easiest one) whip up potato salad.

I was pretty satisfied of the outcome, though the potato should be boiled a bit longer for easier chewing :)

Mixing the potato with mayonnaise

Shrimp and hard-boiled eggs to add into the salad

Final outcome

Not forgetting the pizza! Yumz...

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Daddy & Mummy said...

For a long while, I thot the potato salad was prepared for Chloe. I was thinking Chloe so lucky, can eat salad with shrimps and egg liao. But Mayo leh? What did u replace with..

Then I finally I realised it's for your guests. Blur me!