Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Throat Inflammation

I'm on urgent leave today to take care of Chloe. She woke up this morning to 38 degree Celcius. Though she didn't fuss a lot, I had to monitor her closely.

Up til 10am the temperature fluctuated between 37.5 and 38. I insisted to continue monitoring until i heard from my MIL that my niece (who stays at the same house with MIL) has measles. I rushed down to the GP down my block to had Chloe checked on right away.

After examination, the doc said Chloe's fever was due to throat inflammation. (Again?) But she cannot come in contact with my niece for the time being. Doc commented that Chloe appeared very heaty again. Her cherry red lips especially.

So doc and i had to go thru lists of food Chloe had. It turned out to be the garlic & onion contents in her daily porridge.

THAT explained everything. Fall sick twice in 2 week's time. My poor baby....

ps. That's Chloe crying for attention. Her fever has subsided as i'm typing this. Her appetite remains. Thanks everyone for your concerns :)


abovestaff said...

get well soon baby...

Emily said...

Is garlic and onion allowed in their diet??

Get well soon chloe!