Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cheryl's Farewell Dinner

Chloe broke a record on Friday nite by staying up late for Cheryl's farewell dinner! From her usual 8pm sleeping time, she made it til 11pm :)

The dinner took place at Hog'sBreath Cafe @ Holland V.

To our surprise, Chloe was behaving pretty good throughout the dinner. Maybe she knew that Cheryl, who's leaving for Perth, was a dear friend to us ;)

From left, Cheryl, Amelia, and the 3 of us :)

One of the tricks to help Chloe stay active, was continuously feeding her food, our food. Papa had to feed Chloe his mashed potato, and I had to peel the corn skin one by one for the digestable corn kernel..

More photos:


Anonymous said...

Hey Dewi! Wow! So honoured! I got on your blog! wahaha! and the photos i took of you guys too! Woot!! You take really good photos! Thanks to TH and you (and Amelia of cos) for a really fun night together, for the dinner...Your Chloe is a little darling who can really joget! :D - Cheryl

Prima said...

Hi Cheryl!! That's fast! :)

Welcome to my blog :) thx for the compliments :) i think chloe met her dance teacher on fri nite! wahahaha :D

Anonymous said...

oh yeah? i wonder who... :p Watching your cowgirl video..think she doesnt need a teacher lah! haha! :)

I will definitely be checking in regularly here! :D

Prima said...

haha! great! be my guest :) u take care babe :)