Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fish Spa @ Qian Hu

Our weekend started a bit early this week 'cos hubby and I were both on leave on Friday. Besides the 3 of us, there was also Kelly, Chloe's cousin, who went with us. He brought us to Qian Hu Fish Farm to err... enjoy fish sight-seeing?

Not quite! He brought me there to try out the fish spa -__-

Looks interesting in the beginning..
there were 3 different ponds at the spa section.

2 'beginner' ponds for small fish like these.... which is so tingling to me! Yikes!

And 1 bigger sensation pond, ...

...which have BIG fish like these!! I jumped up after 1 bite by the fish! Too scary for me :(

I think fish spa is just not my cup of tea... Chloe thought so too! Bleah..

We were better in relaxing at one corner and photos-taking :)

Kelly enjoyed feeding the tortoise though.. :)

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