Monday, July 28, 2008


We attended another wedding dinner yesterday, without Chloe. Yes, SIL offered her help again :) How nice! Chloe even took all her gears (read: milk bottles, pacifiers) to stay over at IL's house.

Though I missed her during the dinner, I think it's still the right choice to leave her with SIL. For the music is too loud, the yum seng is too loong, and most importantly she won't have to compensate her beauty sleep! Plus, hubby and I could enjoy ourselves during the dinner :P

The dinner took place at ONEº15 at Sentosa. Nice view and ambience really, but sadly the food they served was quite a letdown. Anyway, some photos to share from my decent camera: (Hint: try not to enlarge 'cos the noise is too much!)

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