Thursday, July 24, 2008

That's My Dessert!!!

My friend asked if I'd put down 3 items on the floor for Chloe to choose on her birthday. This is an old practice believed to tell the kid's future. The 3 items being food, pen and money. I'm not sure whether or not to do so. But i can safely bet, Chloe will go for food! :P

It's so fun to tease Chloe and test her temper lately *evil* And of course, we chose the right item to have fun with her... Tonight, it was avocado dessert.

See what i mean?


Emily said...

hahah...Jayden has very short temper. He wouldn't even allow time for us to capture those shots. he'd be screaming and kicking his legs.

Prima said...

kekeke.. then the most you should try teasing him muahaha.. *evil*