Sunday, August 17, 2008


Chloe turned 10 months yesterday.

More excited than she was, I opened up the new breakfast cereal from Heinz, Muesli & Apple. Because it's stated for 10-mth-old baby onwards, I have been waiting for sooo long, so to let her try something new. Turned out so-so only, I think she prefers Banana Breakfast Cereal to this. But this is supposed to encourage more chewing, good also lah.. :)

Later on, I made ABC pasta as Chloe's lunch. I had the pasta served with potato and carrot soup. She loved it! I have to ask for more recipes to serve the pasta again in the future. Any kind mummies, please share with me :)

After lunch, we headed to United Square Toys 'R Us to search for this anti-mozzie device. Thanks to Weili for the recommendation! :) I hope this will keep the nasty mozzie away for good.

On the way back, we (Chloe especially) saw this vacant Barney ride. We couldn't resist her making the 'uh!uh!' sound and leaning herself desperately to the seat. There she was, riding Barney & friends out again hehe... She was less tensed yesterday and enjoyed herself more than the previous ride. Also, reluctant to get up at the end of the ride.

Spending quality time with the loved ones, that's what I call a beautiful day :)


Daddy and Mummy said...

You and Chloe went United Square on Sat too?? Me also.. but we were there from 6pm onwards! Otherwise could have bump into you.. :)

Prima said...

Oh really? we were there from around 1-3 only hehe... Bringing Lleyton to have fun? :)

Emily said...

Ok. Whatever it is, don't use my recipe cause it failed on Jayden. HAHAHAH. Maybe I should try potato and carrot soup. hmmm