Thursday, August 7, 2008


OK. Since I have another 30mins before the lunch time is over, these are a few more pictures we took at the Breeks last Sunday.

I love to see Chloe in dress, how I regret to take out this dress so late, that I don't think she can ever fit in again :(

Smiley like Mama :)

Snap! Caught eating like a cow :P



Anonymous said...

Hello Dewi,
Super Mum!!! I'm amazed, I still have not finished reading and looking at all the photos.
Unbelievable, updating all the activities everyday. That's good things.
Chloe is getting bigger now. How old is she now?
By the way, how are you? Obviously, you're looking great from the photos. What's news...
Yenni xx

Prima said...

Hi Yenni! Thanks for visiting the site! Chloe is coming 10mths.. Yeah time sure flies. :) Hope you're doing great at your end too.. :)

When will be your turn to start a blog for the lil' one? ;)