Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Cartoon Drawing

OK. Mulan just surprised me with this family cartoon drawing. Yes, partly cos it was done during office hour. haha..

Thanks for the quick drawing babe. But i think u have to re-draw that, Mr Lim is no longer wearing a spec now. And geez... please draw me a bit slimmer can? *wink*

And... and.. more hair for Chloe.. haha.. I want a 3D colouring pls! :D


Emily said...

oh gosh! that's so cute! Your friend is so talented! Although I do agree that she could have drawn you slimer. :P

Lens said...

Wow, nice pic.

Prima said...

Haha. Thanks! :D

Andy Lim said...

I am not wearing specs liao leh!