Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Snob Snob

Last Sunday we had brief outing to Causeway Point. Along the way, Chloe wasn't very much herself. Frowny, moody, and being a snob cos she refused to look at the camera, let alone pose for me!

The Hao Lian look upon reaching the mall..

Still ignoring me, when we settled down to have our lunch at Breeks

Looking so bored..

But then, Tng! Something caught her attention..

And yes, u got it right, that's food of course!

Nowadays, we have to feed her some of our food to keep her quiet..

Hm...Mm.... That's mashed potato...

And some vanilla ice cream as desserts..

So the food does its magic, now she's finally looking at the camera..

And yes, pose for Mama :)

And starts smiling...

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