Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Mozzie Bites!! GRRRRR

Good Morning! Another Thursday!
Another mozzie bites! I'm so gonna kill the mozzie!!!

This time Chloe was kissed 3 times! on the nose, eyelid and forehead!!!
my poor baby...

You see we've put 2 anti-mozzie patches near her when she's sleeping,
one on her pyjama, but useless..

Hubby was on mozzie-operation this morning to spray the whole house with Shieldtox, before we left for work. I hope all the mozzies would be gone forever!


Emily said...

oh gosh!!! That looks like a very bad case of mozzie attacks!! DARN THOSE PESTS!!! Chloe looks so ke lian :(

niu niu :: 妞妞 said... o ba kap!

Prima said...

yea lor..every nite worrying will she get bitten again..?! sobz

matt> o ba kap.. haha.. looks like it.. luckily not swollen liao..