Friday, August 22, 2008

My Two Dearest

Hubby went for his lasik op yesterday at Paragon. He spent total 11 hours (11am-10pm) of waiting and wandering for the eye examination and operation. The clinic is packed even at 8pm. I went to accompany him after work last night. I'm glad I did.

The media always describe lasik as an easy, brief 15-min task for patients. But I didn't see it that way. I was more worried that I might seemed. Seeing him having eyes discomfort after op, then still got to queue at the stagnant taxi queue with that two lens protector on his eyes.

Phew... I'm glad he's feeling better now. And already telling me how he can clearly see the car plate from our 2nd-floor-flat without wearing glasses.

Whoa! So lasik is indeed an easy and quick relief! Having said that, I'm still quite 'chicken' to opt for it. I guess I'll trust my daily lenses for a couple more years :)

• • • • •

It's not a very good day for Chloe though. Her sleep was troubled by some thick mucus in her nose. This morning she woke up with runny nose. I don't know what's went wrong. She was fine the previous night. MIL has brought her to see GP this morning. Let's hope she gets well soon so we could enjoy more quality time this weekend.

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