Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Notti Gal!

Chloe enters a new phase where she refuses to sleep. Have been getting complaints from the in-laws that it's so difficult to coax her to sleep during daytime. I thought that was usual complaints. She merely naps for 1-2 hour during weekdays.

OK. So hubby and I FELT it last night.

Chloe slept soundly from 8pm. Then when we entered the room to sleep at about 12am, she started to wriggle, flipping and ta-da! sitting up giving us a cheeky smile.

That's unusual! Normally she would keep on wriggling, turning, flipping and making lots of noise which I decoded as, "I want my milk milk..."

I had all lights off and let her fed herself later on, hoping she could get back to sleep soon after. I didn't even bother to rinse the bottle after she finished, not to create any extra attention from her. So the usual bum-patting started rightafter. pat, pat, pat... then I fell asleep...zzzz.. then came a hi-pitch laugh.. and a smack on my face.


Chloe was standing up, stomping and drumming excitedly on my fat belly. Never seen her so energetic at that wee hour. All attempts from 12.30-1.30 failed to get her to sleep. At one point, we put her to the playpen and hoped she could be worn out and sleep by her own.

My wishful thinking... our brains were half-way to the dreamland. What can you expect? :P

Then she enjoyed 15-mins on her own in the playpen, standing, bouncing, cheering, giggling. She even let out a loud "Ba Ba", the word she hasn't said for a week plus. Hubby took over the coaxing mission after he heard the magic word. Wow, thankfully, she didn't surprise me by letting out "Ma Ma".

So this morning hubby was telling me how he put Chloe to sleep. 30 mins of dancing, ooops I mean rocking the little one. That's about 2 am.

Now I want my beauty sleep. I hope Chloe doesn't perform the same act again tonight, tomorrow night and on any night. Baby should guai guai sleep at night, best is sleeping through the night. Hmph!

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