Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hello! Haven't been updating recently. The weekend was spent nursing both babies. But we still managed to go out shopping despite Chloe having slight flu, and hubby's recovered vision.

I'm currently busy preparing for our trip to Medan next month. Also a photoshoot this weekend. I hope everything will turn out well. Most importantly, a cooperative baby.

During the weekend, we have witnessed all sorts of patterns from Chloe. Pattern more than badminton! She cheered, giggled, shouted, called out Ah Ba (鸭肉), cried, wailed her way out, tumbled, stomped feet, rolled eyes, showed anger, 顶嘴 by Wa! Ah! Ah! AHHHHH!

And many more...

I wonder where she learnt all the mischievous acts from? -_-|||


Undine said...

hee.. hope both your babies are feeling better by Saturday.. =) Gambatte!!

Prima said...

thanks babe! they sure will :) see ya!!