Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Updates on Chloe

When my family came over for the weekend, their first comment on Chloe was, "Chloe lost a lot of her baby fat.. no chubby chubby liao..." Then I took a good, long... and deep look on Chloe. Despite her big feet and long legs, indeed her chubby cheek is gone, her head seems small, and shoulder too! Must be not drinking enough milk I think..

So then hubby and I decided we really should increase her milk intake again. Back to normal, of what she used to drink 2 months back, 6 0z per feed. Just that it'll still be a diluted mixture, with 5 scoop of milk powder, to avoid constipation.

• • • • •

Another factor could be also that she's actively moving around. Now I can use the phrase, 'crawling from one end to another' to describe her mobility. Trying to climb up and reach our TV console, pushing the rollable drawer, or grinning at her own reflection at the display with built-in mirrors. My vain darling... :)

As a full-time working mum, it's great to spend good long weekend to see Chloe growing up, physically and emotionally. And being her first choice of person to seek comfort and love, it just melts my heart :)

Though I hate to see her being kissed by the mozzie again! Grr..!!

Add-on: She waves goodbye on cue now! Yepee!

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