Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Going On?

Today I find myself acting weird. I've been moody. Be it at work or at home.
Work is never ending with chapters and chapters of manuscripts. It is really annoying to have a colleague sitting next to me who burps zillion times a day without saying 'Excuse Me'. And I got headache when another colleague playing hard rock music on his speaker, where he should be using his headphone. Geez.

Upon reaching home, I got to play with Chloe for brief 30 minutes. Her nose was wet again. She slept right away after her milk feed at 7.45. I've been doing stuff half the pace I usually do. I stone a lot in front of the computer. Even my past time favourite, blogging. When I thought I should be blogging the whole night, I actually ended up stuck with this post for the longest time.

Something is missing...

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