Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flight To Medan

Getting on the morning flight, we woke up at 4.30am on 5th Sept. Chloe was easily awaken too although she just slept after her midnite feed at 3am. She must know we were going for holiday.

Reaching T2 at around 6am, after checking in the luggage, we had to fill our hungry stomach at the Burger King. The food quality was quite a letdown though... unlike those outlets outside the airport.

Moving on to brief shopping at the DFS, I must say my bjorn carrier has been really helpful...

A must-take photo inside the plane for Chloe's first flight.

Thoughtful Silk Air crew who has arranged a front row seat for us with the bassinet. Chloe didn't wanna be strapped there though, it must be the size and insecurity hehe...

So she played with the bassinet instead...

Overall, she didn't fuss a lot during the flight to Medan. All wide awake til we reached Medan.

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