Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hand Signs and Words

A few new things that Chloe understand:
  • Imitate phone-talking gesture by putting up her hand (or any object she's holding) near to the ear. Keyword: Hallo and 打电话 (make the phone call)
  • Also does the same thing when being asked 耳朵在那里?(Where's the ear?)
  • Bounces for YES, shakes head for NO
  • Pointing for things she wants and refers at
  • Raise up hand, imitating the button-pressing while pointing to the fan, whenever she gets a hold of our fan remote control
  • Points at the flower on bedsheet and said, "WA", which is close to "HUA" 花
  • Call "BABA" 爸爸 on cue (provided she must be in a good mood hehe) Actually she'd call out Papa without asked too when she's feeling extremely happy ;)
No "MAMA" so far, but I notice she will make a different tone of "Ah..." (longer & sweeter tone) at times. I take it as her unique way of calling me. Ha Ha Ha!

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