Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Hard To Say Goodbye

Medan Holiday, Day 9, 13th Sep 2008
Bye Bye Medan!

The 9-day-break back home has been really great for us. We woke up early that day to catch 8.40 flight. It's sweet to see Chloe showing affection towards my family members on that day. Which she was feeling uneasy towards my parents before, and reluctant to be carried. It's as though she knew we're flying back to Singapore!

We were beaten the moment the plane took off. Flu bugs starting to annoy Chloe and I. I was also lacking of sleep from the packing the night before. Not to mention the lights went off on 1am for an hour! In fact lights went off twice when we were there, it's just so common to happen in Medan -___-

One thing my Mum only mentioned on the last day was that she intended to take family portrait together! Arghh.. It would be really nice to take one when we were there! Anyway, I'm sure we'll take one soon enough... :)

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