Monday, September 22, 2008

It's A HOT HOT Weekend!

I was on MC last Friday to nurse my sore throat and bad cough. Also brought Chloe to see the doctor again. We're both now recovering well, thanks to the new sets of medicine. But staying at home for the whole day wasn't really a good idea due to the HOT HOT weather.

So I bugged hubby to take us out for dinner on Fri nite! Wrong decision made to go to Junction8, everywhere is packed with long queue, so we ended up dining at Delifrance which required no queue at all. Another bad choice! Bland food and unfriendly waitresses. Really bad service and attitude, except for the manager. Never going back there again!

• • • • •

The weather wasn't helping either on Saturday. Our plan to stay at home and watch the DVDs were scrapped. We ended up spending the whole day outside!

MIL introduced this Hainanese food at 海南哥, Toa Payoh block 95. It was great food indeed, and it's value for money!
Chloe rated 7 out of 10. Hehe..

Then moving on to groceries shopping at Thomson Plaza and our must-have coffee at Ya Kun!

Then we visited Farm-mart before heading on to Shandayle & Shanice birthday party at CCK...

Sadly, that's when the LCD on my Ixus was hit! :_(

Then at the party, I was snapping aimlessly hoping to get at least some good shots! Chloe enjoyed herself a lot during the party despite her blocked nose and cough :)

• • • • •

Sunday morning we had brunch at Yan's Palace Dim Sum Restaurant with Amelia and JianWei. Good food and great catch-up, except Cheryl wasn't around! Yeah we miss ya babe! :)

Again, I was snapping here and there to try to capture the moments with my Ixus!

Next was coffee-break at M Hotel for more juicy men-talk or girls-chat! See, we even 'forced' JianWei to do some baby-training! hehe... Not bad huh?

Lastly, we ended the weekend by camera-shopping at Holland V. What a great great weekend! :D


Anonymous said...

hey! sorry i just read this post lah! Wah went for dim sum breakfast ah? What's the occasion? This seems to be a quick 'next meet up' since our last one, i.e. my farewell dinner haha... well KW couldnt make it for that one... he doesnt look to bad with Chloe leh! haha!! Aww great to see all your photos and in addition here, Amelia's and KW's!!

Anonymous said...

oops sorry, forgot to sign off again.. of cos that above comment was from me - cheryl :) but pretty obvious rite? :p

Prima said...

Yes. Yes.. i know it's from u :)
How's things over there?
Amelia was saying to plan a trip to visit u next year :)