Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bambini PlayClub

On Sunday we had last minute en route to check out Bambini Play Club (again) at Kallang Leisure Park. Luckily it's open for public! And they are still not charging for kids below one. Great timing! hehe

So, it's Chloe's first to visit play area like this. She took on the car ride...

Explored a little bit on the ball pit..

Still, she loved the car ride most!

Honestly, I think Chloe is not so much into it. She did countles 怕怕 (frightened) signs when she was there. The bunch of kids running and chasing around, whilst throwing balls at one another were enough to frighten my 胆小宝贝 (timid darling). I guess we would only go back again when she has learnt how to walk.

By the way, Chloe has got something to say, "Jasper and Kayden, next time ask my mummy to arrange a proper meet up and check out again okie? This was really a last minute idea! :)"

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