Monday, October 6, 2008

Chloe's Lunar Birthday Celebration

I remember my Mum would cook me Mee Suah with eggs on my lunar birthday each year. And that's the most remarkable thing for my every birthday actually.

So Saturday morning, up early before dashing out to run errands, I tried to put my best effort to cook Mee Suah for the first time, for Chloe :) Below is my carrot/corn/minced meat soup base.

This is the end product, Mee Suah served with eggs. Chloe tried eggs for the first time too.

I started feeding her egg yolk. It's cute to see her curious look when first looking at it. She simply couldn't take her eyes off the hard-boiled egg. First spoon... weird look. Second spoon... This thing is yummy! And the rest was history hehe... I actually couldn't resist and fed her egg white too. She seems fine after taking them. No allergy. Phew~~~

Chloe self-checked for any sign of allergy :P


Later in the afternoon, we completed her birthday with a mini cake-cutting celebration.

Happy baby with equally happy parents :)

Ooo... Cake cutting was fun!

Chloe with one of our guests, Kelly :)

That concluded our mini homely celebration for Chloe. Will update other birthday celebrations she attended during the weekend later on. Happy birthday to all October babies :)

** Add on: Spotted Chloe's 3rd tooth which has cut thru her gum. It's the right tooth next to the lower bottom pair! So now she has 3 teeth!!! -__-||


Daddy and Mummy said...

Wah.. your mee sua looks delicious! Very healthy version.. Lleyton's daring mummy here only fed him some oyster mee sua instead over in Taiwan night market. Sinful leh.. lucky din upset his tummy.

Prima said...

haha it's okay! i wish i could be as daring as u too. most importantly is our babies are happy :) cheers!