Monday, October 20, 2008

From Singapore To Genting Highlands

Chloe's Birthday Trip Day 1, 15th Oct 2008

Chloe had 爷爷, 奶奶, 大姑妈 and Kelly 姐姐's accompany for her birthday trip. 7 of us took the morning coach direct to Genting. It was a darn long 6 hour ride. We had to pass Chloe among us to entertain this over-excited baby.

Sleepy Chloe posing with her favourite baby Piglet, and her dearest Papa.

Upon reaching Genting Hotel about 1pm.
One of the-very-few-family-portraits we took during the trip.

And we were only able to get our keys at 3pm! Quite a let down!

Chloe finally took a proper nap after the long wait.
I had to take a shot of her sleeping before she turned 1!

Our first evening was spent strolling around at First World Plaza. We enjoyed our fried chicken dinner at Marrybrown, while Chloe was still stoning and yawning away after her nap.

Another evidence that she didn't have enough sleep; she allowed me to put on that sunglasses without any attempt to remove it away.

We checked out the indoor theme park minimum height requirements! She passed none of them :P

More pictures while strolling...

Posing in front of Doraemon banner which she pulled down a second later...

Chloe stayed awake throughout the ride despite being sleepy. It must be the bright lights, music and indoor rides that keep her so curious! Chloe was soon knocked out after a warm milk feed at the hotel room, around 10pm.

I stayed til 11pm to digest my supper, pig's trotter in vinegar! Exceptionally delicious during a cold weather like that. Mmm....

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