Monday, October 27, 2008

Girls' Day Out

After having lunch with Sri at Bugis, hubby sent Chloe and I to Ngee Ann City while he went for his appointment. Yet another FIRST for Chloe and I to shop alone in town. I was very excited to begin with. Chloe was busy asking "Papa? Papa? Papa?" though, the moment we parted.

First stop to the ladies was already amusing when Chloe followed me in to the handicapped cubicle. She must be wondering what place was that?! With so many doors and mirrors?!

Second, was to pose Chloe in front of this boutique display. Just another lame act of mine... :P

Then we hopped on to the nearest lift to go down to the basement.

Our first stop was to Delifrance for Chloe hasn't had her lunch! No.. Not that! I needed a place to feed her porridge! :) I have prepared pumpkin/spinach porridge before we left the house in the morning.

Thanks to a kind patron on the next table who gave away her balloon for Chloe. That kept her busy for a while...

So I got to enjoy my latte after feeding her!

The rest of the afternoon was spent strolling and shopping. Little snacks and biscuits saved my day whenever Chloe attempted to get up from the stroller! Phew~~ So I got her sit quietly throughout...

... until she was knocked out in her stroller...

I ended the 3 hours shopping by joining hubby at Chatterbox, Meritus Mandarin. There, another cup of latte for me :)

Baby only woke up when we were about to leave the cafe. Must grab the chance to take picture with her :)

She couldn't take her eyes off the view outside the window!

Indeed, it's a great CBD view from this 38th-floor-high cafe! Love it!!

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