Saturday, November 1, 2008

AEON Tebrau City

It was Chloe's first visit to AEON Tebrau City, Johor Bahru today. The quick getaway today had one main purpose, to stock up Chloe's diapers and milk powders.

The journey from Causeway checkpoint to the shopping mall was around an hour. The car queue was, as usual, looong. We considered ourselves lucky that it wasn't after office hour yet.

So, we strolled a bit in the mall before we looked for a place to eat. The place looked about the same from the last we visited (almost 2yrs back). Not much changes, although I think the management could do a better maintenance to the toilets! -__-||

The best found of the day must be this great Japanese restaurant, Kinsahi, located at 2nd floor. Good food with good service. Plus the nicely done interior too! Too bad we didn't have time to capture some food photos down for you know why.. :)

After lunch, we quickly move on to grab baby items at Jusco supermarket. Some household items, and not forgetting some snacks to reward ourselves! Oops!

It was about 2pm when we left Tebrau City. A bonus for Chloe to meet this clown at Esso petrol kiosk before going back to Singapore.

Getting back again on the road... why this face darling??

Me and not-so-happy Chloe.

That's because I took away her balloon from Mr Clown hahaha

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