Friday, November 28, 2008

喂? 喂?

Progress check at 13.5 months:
  • 'Papa' is her most favourite word. She even greets 'Papa Papa' to strangers.
  • 'Mama' should be her least favourite word. I hope it's only temporary.
  • New add-on to her vocabulary is '姐姐' (jiejie/elder sister).
  • 'Bibi' is referring to Baby or other children around her age.
  • Sometimes she called 'didi/jiji' when she sees cat/dog/bird. (Don't ask me why.)

  • She could point to (or pass to us) a lot of things in her surroundings when asked. The fan, TV, playpen, loaf of bread, eggs, phone, socks, coins, piggybank, barney, ball, piglet, milk, water bottle, pacifier, ...
  • The funny sight we witnessed last night was, she pointing to the cane which was hanging on the wall, shortly after her granny scolding her cousin Kelly. Haha..

  • She is walking now. Ah.. this must be the most proud achievement..

  • She weighs 10 kg and her height measures at 74 cm.
  • She has 6 teeth. I think another one or two pair are on their way, cos she drools like tap water again.

  • Her emotions are growing, like crying out loud for little little things (maybe should term it as crocodile tears); don't want to go home with us every night for she gets more pampered at in-law's house. She is the big bully of the house!!
  • Her fears has developed too. Like fears for some furry dark soft toys, I actually caught her trembled for a few times. I hope she grows up to be more brave though..

  • Lots of improvement seen on her social skills, especially towards strangers. Ice are easily broken. She loves touching or pulling kids's clothes (strangers) on the road too! Beware if you see us on the road..
  • Her cheekiness is a masterpiece, like pretending to feed you and moved the food away (or even biting them) after u go closer. Another one is to crawl to her Aunt, and quickly crawled away after she opens wide arm to carry her..
  • Oh, she expresses 'Yummy!好吃! by pointing a No. 1 and cheers happily :)

  • Favourite toy/game is the shooting balls from Playskool, shape sorters, the piggy bank, the remote controls, peek-a-boo.
  • When her music instincts arise, she'll compose a brief jingles on her xylophone. When bored, she will still bite it.. :P
  • Her dance moves has improved! And sometimes she mumbles mumbles with a poor rhyme, which i think she's trying to sing :)

  • She mimics a lot these days. You know the skin care advertisements by Linda 钟嘉欣? She would follow her 'tap-tap-on-the-face' moves, except that Chloe taps her ear..

    Or the latest KFC Christmas TV ad (hand languages) and the stoopid Mediacorp-Ads advertisement where all the characters will swing their heads like the air purifier device? Chloe did that too! Hahaha..

I certainly think baby this age is the cutest!

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